New Theme // Dec/Jan // Birthmark

After some consideration and thought, we’ve decided to dedicate the months of December and January to the theme of birthmark. By adding a thematic layer to our posts, we hope it becomes easier for people to contribute something to Paratext. The concept of birthmark can and should be used in as broad a sense of the word as possible. It does not only demarcate a bodily irregularity, but it can also be seen as something which comes to be at the beginning of something. Like a life, a negative space from which a new route can be found or how all birthmarks on your body seem to collaborate to create a physical constellation.

Seeing as it’s been nearly two months since Paratext started, we thought now was a good opportunity to set this theme in motion. After it has run its course, we will continue with the idea of a bimonthly theme. Birthmark can be used as a stepping stone to write an academic reflection or short story, compose a poem or create an alluring illustration. If you are someone who wishes to work with us, now is your chance! We are looking for people who want to publish something on our website in the month of January. Write, draw, photograph or create something based on the notion of birthmark, and leave your own demarcation at Paratext. If you wish to contribute or have any questions or comments, please contact us at

In case you missed it, these are some of the creations from the past two months:

Ricardo Moran wrote about the process of trying, and trying again.
Lola van Scharrenburg showed us Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Poem.
Pauw Vos took a walk, and combined photo’s and a poem.
Liesa van Dyck showed us a different perspective on the masculine and feminine.
Saskia Soelaksana reminded us of a decadence that is inherent to the daily grind.
Isolde van Gog wrote a recognizable story about wanting to be something you’re not.
Juul Kruse shared her haunting story about choosing and collecting.

Pauw Vos

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