We seem to take tender steps away from reality

tongue struggling to meet brain to
write sentences to have flow
to go and just. write.
tongue struggling to talk
to express what must be discussed
tongue struggling with yours
conversations that are not flowing that are thoughts more than words
spoken openly opening my self up for you
speaking thinking touching grip my hips and bring me closer
i have to write more think less, just do just go just see,
with your educated eyes
don’t go running just yet


my hands do not behave
when they are crossed, my arms intertwining,
they leave they go
they change at the slightest of thoughts
larger than could fit in a ballroom
smaller than a backpack for a ladybug
they have not always wanted to unfit the body they belong to
they have done for quite a while, unsettled, stirred
but they are calming down


a rush but not in a hasty way
somehow calming at once
all goes wavy and I sink
not the time to go for a walk, not the time to practice crunches
sit down or maybe
lay your head in my lap, yes I’ll stroke your hair love
because for now we belong to the haze
trip me into a somersault baby
I will stroke your hair and you mine
a drawn out moment in time
we seem to take tender steps away from reality
and float around, slam into each other

Valerie Palmen

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