Limericks from Indre

The following limericks were written in a collaborative effort to summarise the summer spirit in some weird poems

I once met a fella from Dublin
And I told him how my life was crumbling
With a wave of his hand
He said “it’ll be grand”
And the world didn’t feel quite so troubling

To flee the pandemic by car
Three girls drove out quite far
To an old farm in France
Where they’d sing and they’d dance
But found they could box and could spar

Brian is a very kind man
Who shares whatever he can
But I pity the fool
With a sharp metal tool
Who dares leave a scratch on his pan

Two Breton men surfed on the couch
To look for tortoises and slouch
But they hacked at the ivy
And at night got all jive-ey
They were not lazy, I vouch

Boxing is all very fun
‘Til our Diarmaid pulled out a gun
David was fast
But got shot in the ass
And cried out “what have you done?!”

André.e arrived three days late
and at first was in a quiet state
they were not obtuse
but were the best Bruce
by saying to all, “G’day mate!”

The book that I read before sleeping
Left me weeping and weeping and weeping
So instead I went dancing
Did a bit of romancing
Until I was skipping and leaping

A fine bearded fellow named David
Had a fancy one day that he’d shave it
But he worried his chin
Would get cold in the wind
So then he decided to save it.

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