“Wild Nights”

“Wild Nights”

Wild nights — Wild nights!
Were I like Ems
Slight difference would
It make!

I’d judge the world’s
And isolate 
in spite.

Still — losing my
False liberty
Has boxed me up

No wild is left
When each night’s skirt 
is hemmed as soon
as nine. 

Then turn to cre–
Maintain that Square
Eyed face.

Prolong online’s
Make do with co-
ded friends.

And play along
In Gather.Town
To fishbowl and

Lest we are left
With reruns — of
The Tiger King
And Crown — 

We’ll find a way
To fit all pegs
In that square-shaped
hole of light.

By Saskia Soelaksana

Refers to Emily Dickinson’s  “Wild Nights – Wild Nights! (269)”

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