De ochtenddauw heeft de voorkant van Myra’s afgetrapte roze Vans paars gekleurd.      “Ik rook niet,” zei ze laatst, “maar ik … More

It’s Your Funeral

“I’m very sorry for your loss.” Mum just cries harder, louder, and even wetter than before. Big, round tears the … More

Limericks from Indre

The following limericks were written in a collaborative effort to summarise the summer spirit in some weird poems I once … More

A work in progress

When you read this, you start playing. This game is all about you – that is, it is about me. … More

Being / Body

Poetry and body by Lea Dokter, photography by Alyssa Vreeken.

Written for the Body

This is the modified version of a personal essay Robin van den Brule wrote a bit more than a year … More