Seven Frames

Cinderblocks circumvent the compartmented lives.   I. The Gray One Seven crisp shirts hung on the railing. A different pale … More

The Scarecrows

The first scarecrow I made looked like my father. When he died, my mum and I did not know what … More

Green Women

“This is it,” she said. “Look at the leaves that are around his face. Look at the leaves that are … More


In de voortuin van mijn buurvrouw staat een grote kastanjeboom. Ieder jaar lijkt het opnieuw alsof de kastanjes eerder van … More

10 MegaOhm Multimeter

“Come on, dad, can you please just let me finish it this time?”   Dad continued tinkering, his thin blonde … More

Pleasure Trip

The sun scorched our backs before we could make a run for the shadow and our hips convoluted and it … More


The grey smell of cigarettes permeates the air. It seems to hang around his hunched frame like a fine mist, … More

A World in Ruins

  In 2017, established Dutch author Ronald Giphart published a short story. Ordinarily, this would not constitute as a remarkable … More


This piece was written by Robin van den Brule and Pauw Vos at the potluck picnic that has been organised … More