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PAUW.VOS My name is Pauw Vos, and I am a first year student in the master of Comparative Literary Studies at Utrecht University. My interests, literary and otherwise, mainly lie in our (human) relationship with nature and all that that encompasses. This interest might very well stem from my name and surname, which, when translated into English, mean Peacock and Fox. With such a animalistic name, it is perhaps only natural that I would eventually end up writing about nature. The pieces I’ve written for Paratext all seem to deal in some way with our relation to the nonhuman, whether it’s rocks, ants, flies or the sounds of birds. So far, Paratext’s given me a wonderful opportunity to explore my interests in ways I’d never thought possible. Writing doesn’t always come that easy to me, but having a supportive team and a welcoming place to publish my creations has made it all the more easy to at least continue my writing. In any case, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to write something as well!

Processed with VSCO with fp4 presetSASKIA.SOELAKSANA Hi there, my name is Saskia and I’m currently a student in the rMA Comparative Literary Studies at Utrecht University. Although I am elbow deep in now, I didn’t grow up in a very literary household. It wasn’t until high school that I discovered an interest in poetry and literature and, now, I can’t seem to abandon it. In addition to literature, you can often find me looming on the outskirts of the artworld, looking for the unexpected. Above all, I am curious about considering things from different perspectives. Finally, I’m also a monthly contributor for the artistic and feminist platform The Tittymag, for which I (usually) write a column. Paratext has been an amazing adventure. I’ve learned so much about so many things, but what I’ve loved most of all was reading and experiencing all the contributions so far and hearing how Paratext has inspired You. Enjoy the site and if you find yourself in a creative mood, reach out and send us a message!

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetROBIN.VANDENBRULE I am a third-year student English Language and Culture and although my home base is Utrecht, this academic year I will reside in London to take literature modules at University College London’s department of English. I delight in studying poetry, but also have a knack for anything Shakespearean. Further interests are postmodernism, theatre and performance studies, and literary criticism that borders on the philosophical. Apart from academia et cetera I love to dance; so when I need to write essays, I usually procrastinate by doing research on obscure French traditional music and dance.
I am Paratext’s treasurer and also contribute in writing, even though I still don’t exactly know what language or genre I prefer.

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Hello! I’m Juul, a student of English Language and Culture at Utrecht University. I love writing. Yet, as many others will also find, I often struggle with it, not picking up the proverbial pen for weeks on end, whilst berating myself for it. I have found that having a platform like Paratext has enabled me to write more easily, and simply to write more. I like writing anything, really, but I really like writing things that differ from our collective normal, in a different way than we would normally do (alone, in my room, with a cup of tea next to me). Paratext has given me the opportunity to explore this, especially through our first writing event: Publish it Yourself. If share this love for writing, but struggle to find the time, the peace, the inspiration, or the bravery to let another real life human being read it, please think about sending us your piece.

CV_Paratextverderaf MARLON.SCHOTEL Hi! I’m Marlon Schotel. Like most members of the Paratext team, I studied English Language and Culture, and I have an MA in Youth Literature. Throughout my studies, I have often found myself leaning on psychological theory, and have delved deep into the field of cognitive literary criticism with a main interest in identification.  As a student in Utrecht with a fascination for familiarity, I appreciate contemporary Dutch literature. You will probably recognize my preference for personal storytelling in my pieces for Paratext. Since I love writing about the lives being lived around me, and since these lives are usually lived in Dutch, you’ll often find me writing in my mother tongue. I enjoy writing music, too, and am easily moved by songwriters who blur the lines with spoken word. I first got involved with this creative platform during one of Paratext’s events: Publish It Yourself. It is projects like these that give me a little push in the back to actually pursue my writing ambitions. If that sounds familiar, do not hesitate to contribute!